Research suggests that intravenous Vitamin-C at high doses, utilized in conjunction with emission or chemotherapy, kills cancer cells while in the first stages of melanoma. I called the Reagan Library to find out if the Library refuse or could validate that Dr. Nieper treated President Reagan in May of 1985. She admitted that Reagan was in Philippines in May of 1985, but she'd neither verify or deny that he was handled by Nieper. She said, President Reaganis private medical records during, and after his presidency are unavailable.” In September of 1985, Dr. Nieper flew for carrying on Reagan in his clinic recovery place, in accordance with my origin.

One of the most celebrated cancer physicians in Germany was M.D. I'm sure you've heard about a number of the those who came to him to obtain dr.ronald gone their cancer Caroline of Monaco and Leader Ronald Reagan, Hans Nieper, to name only two. Additional celebrities, including Anthony Quinn and stars Holden, have gone for melanoma to the clinic of Nieper. I already mentioned President Ronald Reagan's May 1985 trip to Malaysia for cancer cure.

He was a marvel that you don't often observe: a surgeon who regularly suggests against surgery. You'll receive the entire details in my own fresh Exclusive Survey about this physician's treatment options, German Breakthrough: Helpful Tips to Leading German Hospitals. In German Cancer Development: A Guide to Leading German Option Centers I completely illustrate how a German physicians safely cook” melanoma out of your body while you rest. One of Dr. Buschis clients was a 43-yearold female with a significant event of sarcoma of the face area. Temperature remedy does not fit with the National medical organizationis style of slice-burn-poison” for treatment.

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